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Kangaroo Island Shellfish

Grown in the cool, pristine waters off the coast of Kangaroo Island in one of the world's most unpolluted and intact marine environments, our season is generally from April to December (although at our Oyster Farm Shop we are able to serve spawnless oysters all through summer).  Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters include our Deep Water Premiums – Grown in the deepest, clean, high-flow water in the farm producing a plump oyster with a distinctive frilly, ornamental shell.  Our deep water premium oysters have a salty, delicious meat which fills the shell and tantalises the tastebuds; An awesome tasting oyster that encapsulates Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters.  Coastal Creams – This oyster is finished in the Intertidal section of the farm to rumble and harden the shell. A whiter, harder (and less frilly) shell is achieved with the same delicious meat. Follow us on Facebook/oysterfarmshop