South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island are home
to the world’s most delicious Pacific and Angasi Oysters. Enjoy learning about this wonderful food experience and you’ll want to try a dozen today!


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An Oysters Life

Oysters are a completely natural food, not fed or treated with any chemicals throughout their lifetime in the water or after harvest.

Environmental Credentials

The water quality in all oyster growing areas in South Australia is tested by SASQAP, ensuring healthy, top quality oysters every time.

Fresh Oysters from the Growers
Fresh Oysters from the Growers

Go straight to the source and contact one of the South Austalia's oyster growers for some mouthwateringly-fresh premium SA oysters.

Who are Oysters South Australia?

South Australian Oyster Research Council LogoSouth Australian Oyster Growers Association Logo

Oysters South Australia is the marketing arm of the South Australian Oyster Growers Association (SAOGA) and the South Australian Research Council (SAORC). Oysters South Australia promotes South Australian Oysters on behalf of SAOGA and SAORC.

SAOGA was formed to support and represents South Australian oyster growers at a regional, state and national level. It was established in 1989 by a group of Eyre Peninsula oyster farmers who saw a growing need to take a collaborative approach towards the management of oyster farming in South Australia , SAOGA initially attracted a formal membership of approximately 40 licence holders. Today, SAOGA’s membership is around 80 which is approximately 90% of all oyster licence holders in South Australia.

In 1998 SAOGA recognised that for the South Australian oyster industry to remain competitive and dynamic, research and development must be a priority. As a result, in 1999 SAORC was established. SAORC's core function is to promote, encourage and coordinate research and development for the benefit of the South Australian oyster industry. SAORC, through consultation with industry, identifies projects to be undertaken, sources funding from State and Federal Governments, allocates resources and administers research and development projects.